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EDU­VI­SITS and virtual eduvisits

Welcome to learn about Finnish school system and teacher education at Helsinki university teacher training schools!

We provide tailored courses for teachers, principals, teacher educators, researchers and education officials all around the world. There is a variety of modules for the visitors to choose from, and to attend either in person or virtually.  

All the travel arrangements can be left for us to arrange, including flights, accommodation, meals, tours around the city and more.

Examples of modules available:

- The essentials of teaching in a distance learning environment

- Student centered learning

- Curriculum development

- Implementation of equity and equality in the Finnish school system

- Teacher training in Finland

- Classroom management

- ICT in education

- Cooperation between home and school

- Teacher autonomy in Finland


Jaana Silvennoinen

tel +358 50 448 2085

Visiting page for both teacher training schools of University of Helsinki: Visits.