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The Helsinki Normal Lyceum school newspaper Veikko first came out in February 1871, meaning that it has now been published in three centuries. The paper was first published as a hand-written edition, and has been released as a print edition since 1935 (for more of Veikko’s history in Finnish, read: Norssin historia / Weikon waellus). Veikko has firmly established its role as the school community’s own media channel.

Veikko is currently published one to three times a school year. The paper’s publication is enabled by alumni working in close collaboration with current pupils and students. The paper’s editorial team – editors, photographers and graphic designers – is made up of comprehensive school pupils and upper secondary school students, and the print costs are covered by the alumni association Vanhat Norssit ry. The publication’s serial number is ISSN 1455-8629.

As media skills gain increasing attention in our schoolwork, the paper keeps changing and evolving. In the upper secondary school, students looking to complete the media diploma can gain credits for working on Veikko’s editorial team.

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Veikko-lehden toimitus / Helsingin normaalilyseo

PL 38 (Ratakatu 6 B) - 00014 HELSINGIN YLIOPISTO

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Veikko-newspapers (In Finnish)

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