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Anduril is a workflow platform for analyzing large data sets. Anduril provides facilities for analyzing high-thoughput data in biomedical research, and the platform is fully extensible by third parties. Ready-made tools support data visualization, DNA/RNA/ChIP-sequencing, DNA/RNA microarrays, cytometry and image analysis.
Qalbum is a command line tool to generate a photo album from a folder structure of images. In addition to generic photos, Qalbum is used to annotate and visualize Image Analysis results of microscopy images. Further, It is useful for visually inspecting a large number of data plots. Qalbum has the tools to select images in a folder -- the list can be downloaded as a text file for later processing. And, Of course, you could just publish your holiday photos with it. The basic principle behind...
NiceCSV (ncsv) is a delimited data file browser written in Python with curses support. It works as a pretty printer that supports markdown syntax as output format. You will find it addictive to use in cluster environment. A must thing for anyone working with the command line!
LocalRoute.js calculates public transport routes on web browsers and mobile devices, online and offline. Map, route and timetable information from open data sources is preprocessed and compressed into a custom format. These comparatively tiny files are delivered to the client and decompressed before use.
Software for the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle developed by the University of Helsinki physics students.