Tiedekulma vr-lasit

Explore Think Corner by yourself or by participating in open tours. In Think Corner you can also make virtual visits to the campuses and attractions of the University of Helsinki, as well as get to know the University using Storywall, an interactive media wall.

Self-guided tours

Explore Think Corner's activities, facilities and architecture independently on self-guided tours. Use our materials either online on your smartphone or other device or print them on paper.

Open tours of Think Corner

Join an open tour and learn about Think Corner's history, venues and function! You will hear about the extraordinary architecture, hundreds of annually held events, and the concept of Think Corner, the history of which goes back to the Helsinki World Design Capital year in 2012.  The tour lasts an hour. Think Corner is wheelchair accessible. Next tour will be arranged spring 2021.

Virtual visits and Storywall

Get to know the University of Helsinki using Storywall, an interactive media wall, and VR point. Storywall introduces you to the University of Helsinki and its research, studies and attractions in videos, photos and text. At the VR point, you can virtually visit all the university campuses, the observatory and the National Library.

The Storywall and VR point are located on the first floor of Think Corner next to the Fönster space and are free for anyone to use without reservation. The Storywall and VR point cannot be used when there is an event in Fönster. Our hosts are happy to help you with the use of the equipment.

Guided tours on downtown campus

Faculty of Arts and Eidos, the student association of art history, organise guided tours on downtown campus. Think Corner is part of a tour called The Newest Architecture, during which you will also be guided through Kaisa library among others. In the autumn these tours are organised on order, please contact