The Mystery of Russia

Tiedekulma - Venäjän mysteeri

THU 20.9. KLO 17

The news on Russia are dominated by issues of security, sanctions and power politics, but what happens in the everyday life of ordinary Russians? What is to live and go to school in Russia? What is the role of religion and how does the consumer culture shape values? Can people still protest in Russia or do they even want to do so?

The basis of Putin's confusing popularity has been woven into the structures of Russian everyday life. Three short discussions open up a mystery from different point of views.

The event is part of Crazy World, which takes a closer look at the state of the world and finds rays of light in a strained international atmosphere.



Tiedekulma - Venäjän mysteeri

Kaarina Aitomurto (left), Markku Kivinen, Ira Österberg


Kaarina Aitamurto is a docent of religious studies and a senior researcher in Aleksanteri Institute.

Professor Markku Kivinen is the head of research in Aleksanteri Institute.

Ira Österberg works as a researcher in Aleksanteri Institute and specializes in russian culture and film.

Everyday life (this discussion will be in english)

Tiedekulma - Venäjän mysteeri

Marina Khmelnitskaya (left), Andrey Starodubtsev 

Marina Khmelnitskaya works as a researcher fellow in Aleksanteri Institute.

Andrey Starodubtsev works as a researcher fellow in Aleksanteri Institute.


Tiedekulma - Venäjän mysteeri

Tomi Huttunen (left), Ira Jänis-Isokangas, Dmitry Yagodin 


Tomi Huttunen is a professor of russian literature and culture in University of Helsinki.

Ira Jänis-Isokangas works as a head of training in Aleksanteri Institute. Jänis-Isokangas is also a researcher of the history of Russia and the Soviet Union.

Dmitry Yagodin is a researcher fellow in Aleksanteri Institute.