Instructions for events at Stage

Stage is suitable for events with 100–200 attendees and also serves as the main seating area of Tiedekulma Café, and has tables and chairs for approximately 100 people. Seating capacity can be supplemented with seat rows and the maximum capacity is 200 people.

Think Corner staff will handle the AV services during your event. To make sure that the event runs technically smoothly, the presentations and the program timetable should be sent in advance to Think Corner Studio Managers. See here for the recommended stage furnishing options and download an example of the event timetable for hybrid events.

Additional AV-services, such as music performances must be discussed and agreed at latest four weeks before the event. Additional services can be tailored and priced accordingly.

See this video for instructions and tips on how to organize an event at the Think Corner Stage (English subtitles available)

Tips for a successful presentation

  • Pictures, videos and PowerPoint presentations can be projected onto the indoor wall of the Stage area. The wall is unfinished concrete.
  • The projection can be full wide (3690x1080px i.e. 3.5:1 aspect ratio) or the width of one projector (1920x1080px i.e. 16:9 aspect ratio).
  • Pictures and videos with plenty of contrast work well in the projected presentations. E.g. white text with a black background or vice versa.
  • The size of text in videos, pictures and PowerPoint presentations should be sufficiently big, 40 pt. at the minimum.
  • Less is more: use text sparingly in your presentations. Use keywords or lists instead of long sentences.
  • Tell the audience who is organising the event (at the beginning of the event and in the presentation materials).
  • Respect copyrights, do not use material that you do not have full rights to or the copyright owner’s permission to present them. Disclose the source of the picture or diagram next to it (but remember providing a link does not mean you have the right to use the source). The safest way is to use pictures that are taken by yourself or by someone you know who has agreed to you using them. Helsinki University students and employees can use pictures from Uni Material Bank. You can also utilize CC0 material found on picture banks such as Pexels or Pixabay.

Technical instrucions for presentations

Recommended picture sizes and aspect ratios:

  • Minimum resolution: 1920x1080px
  • PowerPoint: aspect ratio 16:9 (widescreen)
  • Video: FPS 25 or 50 between aspect ratio of 16:9 and 3,5:1

Recommended file formats:

  • Picture: JPG, JPEG, PNG
  • Video: unpacked MOV, MPG, MP4
  • PowerPoint: PPT, PPTX

Send presentation material in advance

  • The presentation materials should delivered at latest two days in advance to the Studio Managers, so that they can ensure the presentation materials work at Stage. Please notify four days in advance, if your material includes videos or other special technical features.
  • Name your files with the name of the speaker and the date of the event: speaker’s_name_ddmmyy Make sure that the program timetable is sent with the presentations. Download an example of the event timetable for hybrid events here
  • Before delivering the presentation material, please make sure that the files are in the right format and size. You can send the material via email to You can also share the material via  Google Drive or WeTransfer by sending the download link to
  • If you choose to deliver the material with an external hard drive, please contact the Studio Managers (, tel. 040 548 4141).
  • The microphones at Stage are suitable for discussions and small music performances. Below, you can find a list of different options for the PA system and other practical instructions.
  • If your event needs more microphones or includes music performances, you can order additional services, for an extra fee.
  • A limited number of headset microphones and hand microphones can be used at one time at Stage. Studio Managers are happy to assist you with choosing the right microphone for you.  
  • Before the event, agree with the organiser when you will arrive at Think Corner. A minimum of five minutes is needed for setting up the microphone.

Stage microphones, basic services:

  • Six microphones can be used simultaneously. You can choose from the following sets of microphones before the event:
    • wireless headset microphones
    • wireless hand microphones
    • Catchbox microphones
  • Sound from the presentation laptop can be played using the HDMI cable attached to the laptop.

Stage microphones, additional services for an extra fee:

  • 10 microphones can be used simultaneously by adding four microphones to the basic services.
  • Mixing of music performances, agreed separately.

Additional services and musical performances should be agreed with Studio Managers no later than four weeks before the event. The services are priced case by case.

  • The event at Stage can be streamed live. Streaming with one camera is included in the basic service when you rent Stage for your event. Please note that not all events are suitable for streaming. When an event is streamed a recording is automatically created via the stream link created before the event. The recording will be available at Think Corner's website unless agreed otherwise.
  • As an additional service, Unigrafia offers multi-camera streaming. Multi-camera streaming, recording and other additional services are to be agreed at the latest two weeks before the event at
  • What to wear at a streamed event: clothes with stripes or figures or a completely white outfit might cause disturbance in the picture, therefore one color clothing works better in streamed events. We also recommend clothing in which it is possible to attach a microphone (for example a belt). If the microphone can not be attached anywhere we can borrow you a small cross body bag for it.
  • You are responsible for checking that all the presented material, such as movies, photos, recordings and music are in accordance with the copyright legislation and that the permission and fees have been appropriately handled in accordance with the Finnish copyright act.

Note also

  • Presentations and events can be recorded in multi-rack 48kHz724bit WAV - format.
  • For external streaming (such as tv production) of the event line-level audio is available free of charge.
  • From September 23rd 2020 onwards videos for public viewing must be subtitled no later than two weeks after publication in accordance with the EU’s accessibility requirements.

  • Without subtitles the recording will be available for viewing at Think Corner's website for two weeks. In events organized by the University of Helsinki the subtitles can be delivered to Studio Masters and then the recording will be available for about six months. The recording can be downloaded for personal use from a link delivered to the organizer after the event.

Stage's audio equipment is suitable for mixing small bands. The maximum volume is 84db A-Weighted.

Stage sound equipment for music:

  • PA: Presonus ULT10 + ULT18 SUB
  • Stage monitors: 2 x Presonus ULT12
  • Mixer: Soundcraft Si Performer 2
  • Microphones:
    • 5 x AKG D5 -vocal microphones
    • 5 x Shure SM57 -instrument microphones
    • 1 x MXL 603 -stereo pair
    • 1 x Sennheiser e935 -vocal microphone
  • Stereo ja mono DI-box
  • Microphone stands, audio cables, equipment.

It is the responsibility of the event organizer to arrange and agree on the additional services needed for the event.

  • If there are musical performances at the event, an audio mixer has to be ordered from Unigrafia no later than three weeks before the date of the event. Think Corner sound equipment can only be used by a Studio Manager or a mixer from Unigrafia.
  • If Think Corner sound equipment is insufficient, we recommend outsourcing the technical event production. Service providers should ensure that they have the appropriate technology at their disposal and that they contact the Studio Managers at least three weeks before the event to clarify the technical details.
  • Before the day of the event, the sound check may be held on Monday or Friday. On the day of the event, a sound check can last for an hour, for extra time charges will apply.

We recommend using pre-produced and edited video inserts. Even brief inserts enrich and diversify events. 

However, if you need a remote connection, make the arrangements well in advance, no later than a week before the event, to ensure that the required resources are available during the event.

Non-monitored remote connection

A remote connection using, for example, Zoom or Skype will be established on the Stage laptop. The connection will be established using the event organiser’s account. The audio from remote participants is reproduced by the Stage loudspeakers in the venue, while the laptop microphone is used for communicating to them. The open wireless network of Think Corner is used to establish the remote connection. The functioning of the remote connection is not actively monitored, nor is it tested before the event. If connection to a remote participant is lost during the event, they cannot be contacted by other means.

Remote connection as an additional service subject to a fee

Through Unigrafia, a remote connection can be provided as an additional service subject to a fee. A remote connection using, for example, Zoom or Skype will be established on the control desk computer. The connection will be established using the event organiser’s account. The audio of remote participants is reproduced by the Stage loudspeakers in the venue, as well as by monitor speakers for those on the stage. 

Connectivity is tested before the event, and the microphones used at Stage are used to communicate to remote participants. The wired network of the University of Helsinki is used to establish the remote connection. If connection to a remote participant is lost during the event, they will be contacted by phone or messaging.

Please contact Unigrafia at