Thesis Bank

The Thesis Bank Initiative – A Match-making Service for Connecting the Industry’s Need for Information with Students in Search of Thesis Subjects

Does your business work in technology-related area, perhaps developing robotics, virtual reality, or blockchain applications? Do you present a government agency in need of up to date information about the current regulation of a certain disruptive technology? Are you a student hoping to graduate but unable to find an interesting subject for your thesis? No worries, the Legal Tech Lab’s Thesis Bank Initiative is here to help you!

During their studies, law students produce a vast amount of information in forms of seminar papers, essays and LLM thesis. This information should be put to use instead of simply letting it collect dust in paper boxes. At the same time, the industry struggles with practical issues related to law and tech. The University of Helsinki Legal Tech Lab’s Thesis Bank Initiative aims to set this right.

The Thesis Bank Initiative provides a platform, where LLM students who are interested in technology-related issues and are studying at the University of Helsinki, can connect with companies and organizations, who wish to support and obtain fresh research on their practical tech-related problems.

In the Thesis Bank Initiative, companies and organizations suggest tech-related research questions and topics for students who are about to write their LLM theses. These themes can vary from intellectual property rights, fundamental rights and data protection to blockchains, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The only prerequisite is that the suggested theme needs to be related to law and technology. For example, the rise of robotics or virtual reality raise issues of copyright, whereas the global marketplace sets challenges for cross-border conflict management. Law and technology might entwine both in commercial use of disruptive technologies as well as in questions on digital assets in death estates, digitalization of courtrooms, or consumer protection in e-commerce. Hence, the topics are not limited to only some areas of law or to specific technology.

In practice this means making a match between the student and the organization suggesting the theme. In addition to providing the topic, the Organization commits to rewarding the LLM student with a small compensation and as return the student commits to produce quality research for their use. The agreement will be made between the student and the organization. Both parties will agree to publish the finished thesis on the Lab’s web page as an open access research report.

If your company or organization has a tech-related problem or question that needs further investigation, don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you are a student interested in writing a tech-related thesis and willing to commit to produce quality research, stay tuned for more information about this project!