Why choose Soc&kom?

The Swedish School of Social Science is an autonomous unit of the University of Helsinki. This means you will be a part of an academic community with 40 000 students and researchers.  The position as an autonomous unit within the University of Helsinki gives the School the advantage of being part of the largest and most comprehensive university of Finland, but, at the same time, guarantees the right of the School to maintain its special features. The future of the Swedish School of Social Science lies in its ability to find a balance between autonomy and cooperation; a balance between the advantages of a compact, rather intimate unit, and the demands for broader approaches to research and education.

The School is the largest Swedish unit at the University of Helsinki. The School is responsible for ensuring that within its scope of activity a sufficient number of people with a knowledge of Swedish are educated to meet the needs of bilingual Finland.

At Soc&kom you are a part of the biggest university in Finland.


It is easy to get to Soc&kom by public transport: the bus stops, the tram stops and the metro stop are all close to the School, and Helsinki Central Railway Station is about 10 minutes away by feet.

Soc&kom offers modern lecture halls and spaces for group work, two IT halls, a Unicafe student restaurant and a learning center.

Soc&kom is a part of the University’s City Centre campus. On the City Centre Campus, the focus is on the human sciences. The faculties have their own research and teaching focus areas, so students have many opportunities to explore a multitude of human sciences issues. The City Centre Campus also features a great deal of cross-faculty cooperation in terms of studies and research. Helsinki University Main Library and National Library of Finland and their extensive collections are located on the City Centre Campus, a short walk away from Soc&kom.

At Soc&kom, you are in the middle of everything.

Soc&kom is a popular choice for exchange students. The School has many different agreements with universities from all over the world.

At Soc&kom you are a part of the student community.

As an exchange student you are also welcome to become a member of the student organisation StudOrg.

The students have a power to influence what happens at Soc&kom. The students participate in decision-making at the school and within their disciplines.

You have the possibility to participate at Soc&kom.