I’m from Denmark and even though Finland is one of our Nordic neighbours, I must be honest, I didn’t know that much about the beautiful country and the home country of the moomin family. I think it’s very interesting to be in a bilingual country like Finland, which is why I wanted to experience the country by attending the Swedish School of Social Science, Soc&kom. Furthermore, it was a good opportunity for me to learn some Swedish while I study in Helsinki. Therefore, I chose Soc&Kom to do something different and to get to know the country by living here.

Soc&Kom gave me the opportunity to choose different and interesting courses. For me, University of Helsinki – especially Soc&kom offers a lot of excellent courses that I find very interesting which is also why I wanted to apply for exchange in Helsinki. 

The structure of the terms at the University of Helsinki is different from the structure of Aarhus University, Denmark. The term is divided into two periods, which for me will bring more focus to the respective courses. The courses are different from the ones I have at home, but I my general experience is that the teachers here are very good and passionate about their field.

So far staying in Soc&kom has been beyond all expectations and I think that’s mainly because of the tutors and the “locals” at Soc&kom. The Finnish People have this weird reputation of being introvert, but my experience is the complete opposite. The school’s facilities and the students created a nice and welcoming environment, and I always enjoyed coming to Soc&kom because of the atmosphere and the relationship between students, exchange students and teachers.

Helsinki is a cool city to study in, where most stuff is within range, and it’s easy to get around with the public transport as busses, train, metro and trams. Finally, I think that studying in Helsinki gives a lot of opportunities to travel elsewhere in the countries around for example Tallinn, Stockholm, Saint Petersburg and much more.

Sophie Ruhnau, exchange student from Denmark studying media and communication