The rector of the school and the management team is responsible for the decision making at the School.

Johan Bärlund
Professor of Nordic law (on leave)
tel. 050-448 2222

Vice-rector in charge of research
Stefan Sjöblom
Professor of local administration
tel. 050 415 4542

Vice-rector in charge of academic affairs
Anna Henning-Lindblom
University lecturer in social psychology
tel. 050 415 4569

The board consists of the rector, who is the chair of the board, nine student and personnel representatives, one member who is appointed by the university and two external members.

Members and substitutes of the board 2018-2021

CEO Stefan Mutanen
(sub. director Georg Henrik Wrede)

Director Tuomas Martikainen
(sub. director Leena Suurpää)

Professor Helena Blomberg-Kroll
(group sub. professor Elina Oinas & Jan-Erik Lönnqvist)

Professor Jaana Hujanen
(group sub. professor Elina Oinas & Jan-Erik Lönnqvist)

Professor Stefan Sjöblom
(group sub. professor Elina Oinas & Jan-Erik Lönnqvist)

Professor Marjaana Seppänen
(sub. professor Åsa von Schoultz)

University Lecturer Harry Lunabba
(sub. university lecturer Sebastian Godenhjelm)

University Lecturer Beata Segercrantz
(sub. university lecturer Kenneth Sillander)

Educational Planning Officer Sofia Heikel-Virkkunen
(sub. HR specialist Stella Mattsson)

Student Liinu Inkeroinen
(sub. student Viola Mickos)

Student Alex Piispanen 
(sub. student Ira Niemistö)

Student Emma Tikkanen
(sub. student Titus Wahlgren)