Open access publication increases visibility for research

Open access publication is a vital issue for the development and transparency of research. Most academic funders require the open international publication of research results. However, publishing in open access publications is not necessarily free of charge. Researchers often have to pay author fees for open access publications, and separate funding is typically not provided to cover these fees.

The Helsinki University Library seeks to develop cooperation with publishers, libraries and other institutions to find new ways of supporting the academic community in the open access publication of research articles and monographs. The Library acquires digital and printed resources and literature to support the University’s teaching, studying and research in cooperation with the academic community. The Library can also help researchers find high-quality, reliable publications. More information about open access is available here.

If you want to promote open science specifically, you can allocate your donation by entering “Open access” or “Open access repository” in the open field after ticking the box “Lahjoita kurssikirja”. Your donation will help open the University’s research results to the public.