From donation to book

Your donation to the textbook fund helps students and researchers access the latest information. In many fields the cycle of publication is rapid, and top research requires the latest data. Timely publication in academic arenas is becoming increasingly important.

Make a donation with the online form.

Select the ”Donate a textbook” box. If you wish, you can enter the specific discipline you wish to support in the “Donor’s message to the University” field, e.g., “the arts” or “medicine”. If you wish to allocate your donation to a specific course, you may also enter the course title in the field.

Alternatively, you may make the donation as a bank transfer directly to the donation fund. Find instructions and account numbers here. Remember to enter “Lahjoita kurssikirja -kampanja” in the message field along with your preferred discipline, if any.

All donors of €1,000 or more are invited to Club Giraffe, the University of Helsinki’s donor community. Read more about Club Giraffe.

Donations of €850–500,000 from private individuals and estates as well as donations of €850–250,000 from organisations are eligible for a tax deduction.  Further information about tax deductions.