Cradle of new thinking

Up north, on top of the world, is a centre of innovation, science and thinking. One of the best multidisciplinary universities in the world: The University of Helsinki.

Since 1640 we have shaped Finnish prosperity, culture and identity. We have built a fair and equal society that is the envy of the world.

Today, we want to share our knowledge for the benefit of everyone. As a multidisciplinary university we solve challenges that affect us all.

Our exploration of new knowledge creates opportunities that will shape the future of our planet.

We know that being open to the world is a way to change it for the better. By joining forces with others internationally we can make brilliant things happen.

We passionately believe that with new ideas and powerful thinking, we can change people’s attitudes and actions, and create a better society – for the world.

The University of Helsinki was founded by a 13-year-old girl. The world came to know her as Christina, Queen of Sweden.

In the beginning, we were a modest academic community of 11 professors and 250 students. Future priests and officials learned Lutheran theology and European humanism.

During the 19th century, we became the centre of national awakening, shaping the image, history, culture and language of our country. We created both the national anthem and the Finnish flag.

The University of Helsinki has always made a significant contribution to Finnish society and prosperity.

We have educated nine presidents and thousands of people at the top of politics, science, culture and economics. Not to mention four Nobel prize winners.

Our success as a top university is not counted in years but in decades. Come good times or bad, our focus is always on the future.


Helsingin yliopiston perusti 13-vuotias tyttö. Maailma oppi tuntemaan hänet kuningatar Kristiinana.

Our northern location and rugged nature have made us survivors. Life at the top of the world demands practical thinking, openness and the ability to work with others.

We create things that work and get things done.

We recognise that the world is complex, but we provide clarity and realistic answers for intricate questions.

And we are famously stubborn. It helps us design everyday solutions that work for everyone.

We find answers with profound effects that ripple through generations.

Today, our 11 faculties and 40,000 students and researchers carry out pioneering multidisciplinary research.

We are one of the best. We rank within the top 1% of the world’s research universities.

Maailman monitieteisten yliopistojen joukossa Helsingin yliopisto on huipulla.

We Finns believe in a fair society. Our leading thought is that even a small country will succeed if everyone has the chance to realise their potential. Be it in health, education or technology, we create solutions for the many rather than the few.

We invest in, share and try new ideas that promote progress and wellbeing for the whole of society, regardless of people’s backgrounds.

Our university planted the roots of the world-leading Finnish school system and national health care service. Transparency, equality and justice guide everything we do.

We at the University of Helsinki believe in radical openness – open science, open data and open innovations. Sharing knowledge empowers economic, social and cultural change. This is humanity as its best.

Oli kyse terveydestä, koulutuksesta tai teknologiasta, kehitämme ratkaisuja kaikille, emme vain harvoille ja valituille.


Our most important values are truth and critical thinking. They are also things the world needs right now. At our university, we are building a better and more sustainable world by applying the best minds to global problems. Our complex world demands multidisciplinary answers.

We are considered a pioneer in climate research. Our global air quality measurement network benefits the entire planet.

Thanks to our research, doctors better understand how to treat cancer. Our clinical biobank forms the basis for world-class genetic research.

We are the best in the world at teaching teachers, and leaders in understanding big data.

We work for a fairer, healthier and more secure world.

But we cannot do this alone. To make this happen, we ask you to join us in our efforts to bring hope for the globe.

Rakennamme osaltamme parempaa ja kestävämpää maailmaa osallistumalla globaalien ongelmien ratkaisemiseen.