Spread the word about the I think campaign

Thank you for spreading our message! Here you can find ways to communicate our message about the importance of supporting research and education through various channels.

1) The “I think, therefore I donate” profile image
To download the profile image of the “I think, therefore I donate” campaign for Facebook or Twitter, click here, where you will also find the necessary instructions.

2) Many opportunities on Facebook
You can communicate the message on Facebook in many ways: you can change your profile image, share the link to the campaign site, like the University of Helsinki’s campaign page or link directly to an interesting feature. You can find complete message templates by clicking on the Facebook logo on the campaign site.

3) Discussion on Twitter
You can also display the profile image on Twitter and use the Finnish-, English- or Swedish-language hashtags #ajattelensiislahjoitan, #maailmanparhaaksi, #think&donate and #tänk&donera in your tweets.

You can spread the message of the “I think, therefore I donate” campaign and encourage others to support science and higher education not only on social media, but also in your office break room or when chatting with your friends and colleagues. Tell us what we can do to help.