Donate to the Science Education Fund

Through non-formal multidisciplinary science education for children, young people and families, the University of Helsinki researches and develops new pedagogical solutions and educates both future and current teachers for their use in all types of education.

Donations to the Science Education Fund are warmly welcomed to foster the good future for children and young people.

"We wanted to open the fund so that more and more children and young people could get support for inspiring science learning in Finland and also internationally. Teachers play a key role in supporting learning and enthusiasm. They need all possible support for their valuable work and knowledge of new research results, inspirational teaching methods, and also the ability to do research themselves.” - Director, Prof. Maija Aksela

With the help of the donations the University of Helsinki can develop and broaden its science education activities, and to support the research and development on new pedagogical innovation in Finland and internationally.

"Very valuable work to encourage children and young people to learn science — already for 15 years." - Director General, Mr. Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Finnish National Agency for Education

The easiest way to donate is through the online donation form (select 'LUMA Fund').

We invite all donors of €1,000 or more to join the donor community, Club Giraffe, the inner circle of science! Donors whose monthly gift to science reaches the qualifying total will also be invited to join Club Giraffe. 

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