Professional Development

We offer support for the professional development (PD) of teachers at various educational levels. We provide training that enhances the educational knowledge of the teachers both on a subject-specific and integrated basis employing phenomenon-based approaches.

We provide the training in cooperation with our partners, which include teacher organisations. We are also involved in carrying out the national training programmes offered by LUMA Centre Finland. In commissioned continuing education we cooperate with HY+ Ltd.

We also welcome teachers into our community research and development projects.

Teachers' Climate Change Forum (TCCF) 2019

We arrange pedagogic science café sessions where we present the latest solutions offered by education research to support teaching work. The cafés are intended for teachers of various educational levels, teacher students, guidance counsellors, teacher educators as well as anyone interested in the topic.

The LUMA Centre Finland network organises the National LUMA Days every year in the late spring.

The International LUMAT Symposium: Research and Practice in Math, Science and Technology Education will be organised in conjunction with those national training days.

We are involved in LUMA Centre Finland’s LUMA FINLAND development programme (2014–2019) through several projects.