Science Parties

We arrange science parties for groups of all ages for a nominal fee.

Popular events include children’s science birthdays and workshops as part of a company’s team-building or other event.

We can also arrange science parties in English.

Birthday parties are planned to consider the age of the birthday girl or boy and the intended theme. The birthday parties are supervised by trained University of Helsinki students.

Experiments and other activities can be arranged for the birthday according to the client’s wishes. A science birthday is about learning and making new discoveries. Researching and solving real research challenges with our supervisors is interesting and appropriately challenging. With us, science is safe and fun!

Food and drinks must be arranged by the client, either by bringing them to the site or by ordering catering from the restaurant in the University facility where the party will take place.

The birthday party can begin with food and drinks, which is typically scheduled to take approximately 30 minutes. The supervisor can make science soda during this time, if so desired.

Our popular Chemistry Science Birthdays consist of a guided programme of 1.5 hours and a cake time, which is usually for about 30 minutes. Our parties are located here at the University of Helsinki at the Department of Chemistry. We organize birthday peries on weekdays from 4 pm to 6 pm. This is due to the opening hours of the building.

Usually the party starts with 30 minutes of cake eating and celebration time with friends and family. After the children have eaten, we move to the laboratory to make exciting science experiments. The instructor of the party can also make science soda or cotton candy if requested when making booking. You can bring your own cake and servings but also order them from Unicafe Chemicum restaurant. To ask more about the catering service, you can contact the restaurant at

We've put together different birthday packages. All our birthday packages are for children ages from 5 years old to 15 years old. Parents, grandparents and other close adults are also warmly welcomed to the science party. Here is some descriptions of each package:

1. Tasty Molecules 

Dive into the secrets of molecular gastronomy, making ice cream or sorbet yourself. We recommend this package for those over 9 years old.

2. Detective party

Play detective and solve puzzles with chemistry.

3. Chilling Chemistry 

Get to know the world of liquid nitrogen and dry ice on birthdays.

4. Colorful Chemistry

Birthdays are all about colors. In the lab, we do a variety of experiments and demonstrations where color plays a key role.

5. Bouncing Molecules

Make your own super ball or get to know the chemistry of the flames.

6. Escape Room 

A special crime has happened in the chemistry department: all birthday parties are gone! Together, the escapers will unravel the mystery of lost treats. These birthdays are suitable for 7-9th graders. Only for groups of up to 10 people.

Please ask more about the packages at and we will send you more detailed description of the programme.

Prices include 24% VAT.

Number of participants Price Number of participants Price
2-9 children  135 € 16 children 240 €
10 children 180 € 17 children 255 €
11 children 187 € 18 children 270 €
12 children 192 € 19 children 285 €
13 children 202 € 20 children 300 €
14 children 217 € 21 children 315 €
15 children 233 € 22 children 330 €

To book a chemistry themed Science Birthday, pleace contact us at