Working methods in improving results at dairy farms

New working methods and communication means aim at improving productivity and efficiency on dairy farms. The latest information on e.g. milk quality management, animal disease management, welfare of cows and cost-effective working methods is transferred to both own personnel and paid domestic and foreign employees at dairy farms.

The information on videos is available in several languages besides English in Finnish Swedish, Estonian and Russian. These videos will be freely available on the project homepage also after that the project is ending in December 2018. In the project, we have also arranged tailored seminars and demo days; the tailoring is based on information needed in the target groups on dairy farms.

Based on the web-material we are developing a testing system enabling employees and own personnel at the dairy farms to verify their personal competence level using e.g. self-studies. A summary presentation of the project, which was given at the University Consortium Working Seminar on 8th – 9th of May 2019, is available through this link.

We keep the right to make changes.

Read more on the Finnish project site, where you find more information in English and the links to the videos and the knowledge tests in Estonian and Russian.