Staff and contact information

Researchers A – Z


Principal Investigators

  • Consumer research, digitalisation and qualitative methods. Research group
    Ryynänen Toni, Senior Researcher, Adjunct Professor
  • Entrepreneurship in the sustainability transformation of the food system
    Gaiani SIlvia, Senior Researcher
  • Regional and local development policies and politics
    Hyyryläinen Torsti, Research Director, Vice Director
  • Regional development, regional history
    Jumppanen Aapo, University Researcher
  • Regional history and cultural heritage
    Riukulehto Sulevi, Research Director, Adjunct Professor
  • Rural entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, sustainable food chain
    Lähdesmäki Merja, Senior Researcher 
  • Sustainability science, nature-based entrepreneurship, innovation processes
    Kurki Sami, Director, Professor
  • Sustainable food systems, life cycle assessment, environmental impacts of agriculture and food production, cellular agriculture
    Tuomisto Hanna, Senior Researcher
  • Sustainable food systems
    Helenius Juha, Professor,  Adjunct Professor
  • Sustainable economy and cooperatives
    Vaskelainen Taneli, University Researcher

Research and development

  • Agroecology, Luomu 2.0-project
    Lehtinen Heli, Doctoral Researcher
  • Chemical sciences, microbiology and virology, environmental science
    Lusa Merja, Visiting Researcher, Adjunct Professor
  • Co-operative studies
    Köppä Tapani, Visiting Researcher
  • Cooperative studies
    Henrÿ Hagen, Visiting Researcher
  • Cultural heritage studies
    Mäntylä Jaakko, Doctoral Researcher 
  • Cultural studies, especially Ostrobothnian cultural heritage
    Mäkelä Matti, Doctoral Researcher
  • Culture and regional development, innovation and knowledge work research
    Suutari Timo, Project Manager
  • Cultural studies, cultural landscape
    Lähteenniitty Aurora, Grant-funded researcher
  • Development activities, local food, entrepreneurship
    Kaipainen Riitta, Project Manager
  • Economics, quantitative methods, applied research
    Hakala Outi, Doctoral Researcher
  • Economics, quantitative methods, CGE modeling, applied research
    Törmä Hannu, Visiting Researcher
  • Evaluations and evaluation research, leader approach to rural development, Green Care
    Pylkkänen Päivi, Project Manager
  • Experiential home research, research of housing and multilocational lifestyles
    Rinne-Koski Katja, Doctoral Researcher
  • Food business (SMEs), sustainable tourism, corporate responsibility
    Väisänen Hanna-Maija, Project Coordinator
  • Food businesses' supply chain solutions, sustainable food chain, relationship marketing, rural entrepreneurship
    Viitaharju Leena, Project Manager
  • Food chains, rural entrepreneurship, management
    Suvanto Hannele, Doctoral Researcher
  • Food chains
    Trogen Ada, Doctoral Researcher
  • Food technology, food authenticity and origin, organic food processing
    Särkkä Marjo, Senior Planning Officer
  • Future Sustainable Food Systems -Research Group
    Dalmau Laia, Grant-funded researcher
  • Future Sustainable Food Systems -Research Group
    Moritz Jana, Doctoral Researcher
  • Future Sustainable Food Systems -Research Group
    Järviö Natasha, Grant-funded researcher
  • Future Sustainable Food Systems -Research Group
    Räty Niko, Grant-funded researcher
  • Agroecology, recycling fertilization
    Unnbom Mari, Doctoral Researcher
  • Hunting tourism, social sustainability, entrepreneurship
    Keskinarkaus Susanna, Visiting Researcher
  • Immigration, integration
    Enbuska Marja, Grant-funded researcher
  • International projects, economics, quantitative methods, and applied research
    Ala-Karvia Urszula, Doctoral Researcher
  • Nature-based entrepreneurship, multiple use of forests, forest ownership, rural entrepreneurship  
    Matilainen Anne, Project Coordinator
  • Nature-based entrepreneurship, non-wood forest products sector, health and well-being effects of nature – Green Care, rural entrepreneurship, multiple use of forests, rural policy
    Rutanen Juha, Project Manager
  • Non-wood forest products sector
    Partanen Birgitta, Project Manager
  • Organic agriculture
    Rajala Jukka, Visiting researcher
  • Organic and functional foods
    Tikkanen-Kaukanen Carina, Visiting Researcher, Adjunct Professor
  • Organic cultivation, organic farms, organic fertilizers, organic production, organic products, root system, sustainable development, vegetable production
    Iivonen Sari, Visiting Researcher
  • Organic food and farming, horticulture, health and well-being effects of nature – Green Care  
    Mynttinen Ritva, Training Officer
  • Organic food systems
    Mikkola Minna, Visiting Researcher
  • Regional development and multiple dwelling
    Rantanen Manu, Project Manager
  • Regional development and multiple dwelling, MOPA-project
    Janika Raun, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Regional economy, quantitative methods, applied research
    Kujala Susanna, Doctoral Researcher
  • Regional development, sustainable tourism
    Kopoteva Inna, University Researcher
  • Sustainable food systems /Research Director-project
    Kallio Galina, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • The Finnish Organic Research Institute (FORI)
    Honkanen Anne, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Co-op Network Studies -university network, education, student co-operatives, entrepreneurship education
    Hytinkoski Pekka, E-Learning Coordinator
  • Cooperative entrepreneurship, cooperative studies and training
    Klén Tytti, Training Officer
  • Lifelong learning, academic adult education and training
    Perttu Katja, Training Coordinator
  • Work-based learning, lifelong learning, cultural studies, anthropology
    Uusitalo Eeva, Coordinator