From Bachelor to Master

Ruralia Graduttamo

This project is on hold during 2020


The Graduttamo project is designed to reach out to people in Southern Ostrobothnia whose university studies have been interrupted close to graduation or who have not earned credits in spite of registering as attending. Students may suspend their studies to pursue a career, for family reasons or due to other changes in life that prevent them from completing courses and where resuming study work becomes more difficult with every gap year.

The Graduttamo project helps these students and offers peer support. The project is primarily based on multidisciplinary thesis groups and short-term training customised to meet each student’s needs. The students are offered group or personal supervision to help them complete their thesis in accordance with a predetermined schedule.

The project training can cover, for example, an introduction to information retrieval, a review of statistical methods, an in-depth examination of qualitative research methods or an introduction to scientific writing in English.

Additional information:

Project Manager
Field of science Business and Management