Food Economy PD (Professional Training) Programme

Flexible and individual

The PD programme is based on each student’s personal study plan (PSP). The PSP is customised in accordance with the needs of the student and his or her affiliated community. The programme can also be customised to suit a company, which allows an employer to train several employees simultaneously, for example in support of a trainee programme. Students can complete the PD programme in two or three years.

Diverse and practical

The Food Economy PD Programme includes introductory courses on scientific thinking, information retrieval, source criticism and writing. Relevant theme seminars provide an overall understanding of the operations of the food industry. 

Individual studies allow students to enhance their knowledge of one or several topics. The  studies can include on-the-job learning in the form of different development assignments as well as optional seminars, other training and reading assignments.

The final thesis is closely linked with the students’ own interests or the development of the organisations they are part of. Different self-assessment methods and supervision discussions with a personal mentor or tutor also enhance professional development.

The Food Economy PD Programme is intended for students who have completed a first-cycle degree or a similar qualification and have at least three (3) years of relevant work experience.

The PD programme offers students

  • An opportunity to fulfil personal development needs 
  • A way to enhance personal competence and professional performance
  • An opportunity to update and enhance professional expertise and develop relevant new skills in a target-oriented, flexible and individual manner
  • Support and encouragement from a group of other students and a tutor
  • New networks
  • A PD diploma attesting to the completion of diverse long-term continuing education, creating additional personal value in the labour market
  • The opportunity to easily and effortlessly select personally suitable studies from our offerings
  • Theme seminars that address the most recent research findings  and topical themes in the field

The PD programme offers employers

  • The opportunity to enhance the expertise of the work organisation
  • A competent and skilled employee who develops his or her  expertise
  • An affordable method of maintaining employee knowhow
  • A development project or analysis that meets the organisation’s needs

The Food Economy PD Programme is a blended learning programme. The studies combine contact teaching, distance learning, web-based studies and independent study. The objective is to create learning events where students can apply the different themes of study to their work through various assignments/projects as well as  expand their understanding and enhance their knowledge through discussions with the teachers and other students. Both individual and group supervision are organised to support students.

The Food Economy PD Programme consists of joint studies, food industry theme seminars, individual studies and a thesis.

Studies in the Food Economy PD Programme are subject to a fee. The cost of the Food Economy PD Programme comprises a PD fee, the cost of the individual studies and any travel and similar expenses.