The Ruralia Institute examines sustainable development and the changing relationship between global and local issues from the perspective of rural areas. The institute serves as an expert partner and utilises the competence of the entire University of Helsinki in applying research information. Our 50 or so experts engage in wide-ranging international, national and regional cooperation in the university consortiums of Mikkeli and Seinäjoki.
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Research and Development

The research and development activities at the Ruralia Institute are interactive, with research serving as an inspiration for development measures and vice versa. The starting points of our research and development activities include a network operating model, partnerships and good use of the entire intellectual capital of the University of Helsinki. The institute’s experts actively participate in public debate and serve in different working groups.


The Ruralia Institute is a creative learning, research and development environment that offers students a professionally oriented, multidisciplinary place of study. Our research-based teaching incorporates the practical application of theory. Blended learning includes both contact classes and web-based studies. The planning and implementation of teaching involve extensive cooperation with various experts from the University of Helsinki as well as local developers, sustainable food chain businesses and other parties.