Results from the University Lecturers' Career Opportunity Survey

At the request of the Rector, Vice Rector Tom Böhling has convened a university committee to assess the current status of University Lecturers.

In order to provide accurate information to be used in this assessment with the plan to improve the career opportunities open to University Lecturers, committee member Vice Dean Juri Mykkänen (Faculty of Social Sciences) conducted a survey to report on the current status of university staff holding this position either on fixed-term or permanent contract.

See the enclosed presentation for a summary of the initial results

The survey is in preparation for the University Lecturer’s committee meeting on 4 September, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact

The data processing team included the following persons:
SM Amadae (University Lecturer, World Politics, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Juri Mykkänen (Vice-Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, member of the committee)
Maria Valaste (University Lecturer, Centre for Social Data Science, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Hanna Wass (University Lecturer, Politics and Organizations, Faculty of Social Sciences)