Our research projects focus of microbial method development, risk assessment and characterization of fecal contamination in multipurpose watersheds.

Coastal grazing for the benefit of nature and people: 
the RANTALAIDUN project 

Our research is conducted in the Work package 2: Impact of coastal grazing on water resources. We study coastal grazing comprehensively from multiple perspectives to increase knowledge of the impact of grazing on coastal areas’ biodiversity, state of water, recreational use and trade. In addition, the project will improve farmers’ and advisors’ knowledge of factors affecting the profitability of coastal grazing. 

Read more at project webpages. 

Wastewater-based surveillance as pandemic preparedness tool (WASTPAN)  

The consortium project WastPan is a part of the Academy programme “Pandemics and other crises – responses and preparedness (2021 – 2023)”. In the project, the researchers from Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Tampere University and University of Helsinki develop preparedness tools for environmental surveillance of infectious agents and antimicrobial resistance circulating in the communities. 

Check project pages for more information. 

Collaborating research projects 

The research group members work at Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare in the on-going consortium research projects Cryptosporidiosis – an emerging zoonosis from cattle (KRYPTO: Cryptosporidiosis – an emerging zoonosis from cattle KRYPTO - Finnish Food Authority ( coordinated by Finnish Food Authority and Häme region as a pioneer in a risk management of pathogens in watercourses (VAIR: What risks do intestinal pathogens pose to users of aquatic systems? | University of Helsinki) coordinated by Lammi Biological Station.

News and events

20th August 2020: Coronavirus detected in the wastewater of several cities in August

18th March 2021: SARS-CoV-2 Monitoring employing Sewers - 4th Town Hall Meeting

11th June 2021: Koronaviruksen jätevesiseuranta keskittyy vastedes suurimpiin kaupunkeihin – toukokuun lopussa koronaa havaittiin vielä joka puolella maata (in finnish)