Ahtiainen lab

plant cutting in a measuring glass

Our lab is located at the Institute of Biotechnology Developmental Biology Research Program at the University of Helsinki Viikki campus.

The Institute of Biotechnology is a part of Helsinki Institute of Life Sciences (HiLife) and an institute with a mission to increase knowledge in biotechnology and integrative biology. In our research we utilize the imaging core facilities at the Light Microscopy Unit (LMU) and DNA Sequencing and Genomics Lab core facility in Viikki campus and the Biomedicum Imaging Unit (BIU) at Meilahti.

While my independent research group has been established relatively recently, this broad research community provides solid expertise, core facilities, and other support that provides a stimulating environment characterized by shared interests and weekly joint meetings and seminars. Together these resources create a fertile environment for rigorous research.


The resarch group is funded by Academy of Finland, HiLife, Sigrid Jusélius Foundation and the Finnish Cultural Foundation

Contact information

Laura Ahtiainen, PhD, Principal Investigator 

Developmental Biology Program
Institute of Biotechnology
P.O.B. 56 (Viikinkaari 9)
FIN-00014 Helsinki, FINLAND

Phone     +358 50 4484559
E-mail:   Laura.Ahtiainen (a) helsinki.fi