There are several infrastructures and core facilities associated with and available to ViPS members.

NaPPI - the National Plant Phenotyping Infrastructure is on Finland's roadmap for
research infrastructures (FIRI - Finnish Research Infrastructure).

The NaPPI facilties are located in the greenhouse complex, on the Viikki campus of the
University of Helsinki.

Two facilities are available for analysing growth and physiology traits of small and large plants.


ViMU - the Viikki Metabolomics Unit currently offers analysis of plant hormones and other plant
primary and secondary metabolites. Additionally the unit offered both targeted and
non-targeted analysis using UPLC-MS/QTOF and GC-MS techniques for microbial applications
and analysis of small peptides (i.e. cyanobacteria toxins, pathogen signal molecules); exact mass
analysis (synthesis products and metabolites) and identification of unknown signal metabolites

Analysis services for different biological sample types including biofluids (serum, plasma and cell
cultures) and tissues (muscle and liver, colon) from both human and mouse origin can also be

SMEAR - station for measuring ecosystem-atmosphere relations  (atmosphere/forest in the boreal climate zone).
The main aims of research are:

  • Biosphere - aerosol - cloud - climate interactions

  • Biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen, sulphur and water.

  • Analysis of gaseous and particle pollutants and their role in cloud formation

  • Analysis of water, carbon and nutrient budgets of soil.

  • Analysis of environment and tree structure on gas exchange, water transport and growth of trees