Selected publications

Lafuma, F., Corfe, I.J., Clavel, J. & Di-Poï, N. Multiple evolutionary origins and losses of tooth complexity in squamates. Nature Communications 12: 6001 (2021).

Macrì, S. & Di-Poï, N. Heterochronic Developmental Shifts Underlying Squamate Cerebellar Diversity Unveil the Key Features of Amniote Cerebellogenesis. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 8: 593377 (2020).

Eymann, J. & Di-Poï, N. Glia-mediated regenerative response following acute excitotoxic damage in the postnatal squamate retina. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 8: 406 (2020).

Khannoon, E.R., Ollonen, J., & Di-Poï, N. Embryonic development of skull bones in the Sahara horned viper (Cerastes cerastes), with new insights into structures related to the basicranium and braincase roof. Journal of Anatomy (2020).

Macrì, S., Savriama, Y., Khan, I. & Di-Poï, N. Comparative analysis of squamate brains unveils multi-level variation in cerebellar architecture associated with locomotor specialization. Nature Communications 9(10): 5560 (2019).

Salomies, L., Eymann, J., Khan, I. & Di-Poï, N. The alternative regenerative strategy of bearded dragon unveils the key processes underlying vertebrate tooth renewal. eLife 8: e47702 (2019).

Eymann, J., Salomies, L., Macrì, S. & Di-Poï, N. Variations in the proliferative activity of the peripheral retina correlate with postnatal ocular growth in squamate reptiles. Journal of Comparative Neurology 527(14): 2356 (2019).

Cooper, R.L., Lloyd, V.J., Di-Poï, N., Fletcher, A.G., Barrett, P.M. & Fraser, G.J. Conserved gene signalling and a derived patterning mechanism underlie the development of avian footpad scales. EvoDevo 10: 19 (2019).

Friocourt, F., Kozulin, P., Belle, M., Suárez, R., Di-Poï, N., Richards, L.J., Giacobini, P. & Chédotal, A. Shared and differential features of Robo3 expression pattern in amniotes. Journal of Comparative Neurology 527(12): 2009 (2019).

Da Silva, F.O., Fabre, A.C., Savriama, Y., Ollonen, J., Mahlow, K., Herrel, A., Müller, J. & Di-Poï, N. The ecological origins of snakes as revealed by skull evolution. Nature Communications 9(1): 376 (2018).

Ollonen, J., Da Silva, F.O., Mahlow, K., & Di-Poï, N. Skull development, ossification pattern and adult shape in the emerging lizard model organism Pogona vitticeps: a comparative analysis with other squamates. Frontiers in Physiology 9: 278 (2018).

van der Vos, W., Stein, K., Di-Poï, N. & Bickelmann, C. Ontogeny of Hemidactylus (Gekkota, Squamata) with emphasis on the limbs. Zoosystematics and Evolution 94, 195 (2018).

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Milinkovitch, M.C., Manukyan, L., Debry, A., Di-Poï, N., Martin, S., Singh, D., Lambert, D. & Zwicker, M. Crocodile head scales are not developmental units but emerge from physical cracking. Science 339(6115): 78-81 (2013).

Di-Poï, N., Montoya-Burgos, J.I., Miller, H., Pourquié, O., Milinkovitch, M.C. & Duboule, D. Changes in Hox genes’ structure and function during the evolution of the squamate body plan. Nature 464(7285): 99-103 (2010).

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Di-Poï, N., Montoya-Burgos, J.I., Miller, H., Denans, D., Pourquié, O., Milinkovitch, M.C., & Duboule, D. Atypical relaxation of structural constraints in Hox gene clusters of squamates. Mechanisms of Development 126: S250 (2009).

Di-Poï, N., Zakany, J. & Duboule, D. Distinct roles and regulations for Hoxd genes in metanephric kidney development. PLoS Genetics 3(12): e232 (2007).

Di-Poï, N., NG, C.Y., Tan, N.S., Yang, Z., Hemmings, B.A., Desvergne, B., Michalik, L. & Wahli, W. Epithelium-mesenchyme interactions control the activity of PPARbeta/delta during hair follicle development. Molecular and Cellular Biology 25(5): 1696-1712 (2005).

Di-Poï, N., Desvergne, B., Michalik, L. & Wahli, W. Transcriptional repression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor beta/delta in murine keratinocytes by CCAAT/enhancer-binding proteins. Journal of Biological Chemistry 280(46): 38700-38710 (2005).

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Di-Poï, N., Michalik, L, Desvergne, B. & Wahli, W. Functions of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors (PPARs) in skin homeostasis. Lipids 39(11): 1093-1099 (2004).

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Di-Poï, N., Michalik, L., Tan, N.S., Desvergne, B. & Wahli, W. The anti-apoptotic role of PPARbeta contributes to efficient skin wound healing. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 85(2-5): 257-265 (2003).

Wahli, W., Tan, A., Michalik, L., Di-Poï, N., & Desvergne, B. PPARs control cell physiology and survival. Atherosclerosis Supplements 4(2): 96-96 (2003).

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Di-Poï, N., Faure, J., Grizot, S., Molnar, G., Pick, E. & Dagher, M.C. Mechanism of NADPH oxidase activation by the Rac/Rho-GDI complex. Biochemistry 40(34): 10014-10022 (2001).

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