PhD, University researcher

My focus is in e.g. biological and clinical interpretation, support of clinical sample collection, and wet lab validation.

DSc, postdoctoral fellow

My work involves developing statistical methods for analysis and integration of ovarian cancer data at multiple levels to suggest efficient combinatorial treatments.

Postdoctoral fellow

I am investigating DNA methylation changes underlying the drug response in cancer. My work involves the analysis of bisulfite sequencing data from ovarian cancer patients.

PhD, postdoctoral fellow

I'm focusing on genetic analyses and tumor evolution.

PhD, postdoctoral fellow

I am coordinating circulating tumor DNA project and my main objective is to derive biological interpretation from the ctDNA sequencing results.

PhD, Geneticist, Post-doctoral researcher

I am a geneticist with about 15-year experience in cancer research. Previously, my research has included genetics and genomics associated with breast cancer onset and patient survival. In the SBL, I look forward to put my expertise in good use for improving the personalized therapy for ovarian cancer patients.

MSc (Biomedical Engineering), PhD stu­dent

I am focusing on image analysis techniques.

MD, PhD student

My current job is to develop ways to predict ovarian cancer outcome and determine optimal treatment strategy using clinical and genetic data. The work involves automating clinical data downloading from Turku University Hospital's electronic health records and combining it with other research data. I am also developing clinical data visualization and creating a machine learning approach to clinical data analysis.

MSc (Applied mathematics), PhD student

I am working on RNA-Seq data analysis.

MSc (Data science), PhD student

I'm working on interactive genomic data visualization.

MSc, PhD student

I'm focusing on analysis of circulating tumor DNA for mutations in ovarian cancer.

MSc (Molecular Biology and Genetics), PhD student

My work involves the analysis of circulating tumor DNA mutations in ovarian cancer.

MSc (Systems Biology), PhD student

My main interest is on the cancer transcriptomics, at both single-cell and bulk level, to understand the mechanisms leading to chemoresistance in ovarian cancer. I am also working on the development of computational pipeline to analyze circulating tumor DNA for somatic and germline mutations.

MSc student (Bioinformatics and digital health)

I'm focusing on mass cytometry analysis and image analysis techniques.

BSc student

MSc student

PhD, consultant

Consulting the lab on infra related issues.

Academic co­ordin­ator

I am the Academic coordinator of the group and mainly reponsible for the administration of the EU-project DECIDER.

Project coordinator

I am the project coordinator for the Hautaniemi lab.

Research program coordinator

I'm a part time coordinator of the Systems Oncology research program directed by Sampsa Hautaniemi. I also work as a midwife at the Womens hospital.