PhD, Principal Investigator

Anna Vähärautio (nee Saramäki) is a cancer researcher with a biochemistry background and informatics interest. During her post-doc in Karolinska Institute, Sweden (2009-2012), she developed the wet-lab application for Kivioja*, Vähärautio* et al. Nature Methods 2012,  that for the first time introduced unique molecular identifiers (UMIs), a concept that is now widely used to enable quantitative transcriptomics in single cells.In her lab, both wet-lab method development and informatics tools are applied in a translational context to study the development of treatment resistance in ovarian cancer.  She wishes to combine high-resolution transcriptional analysis of unique, longitudinal clinical tumor specimens with novel methodological approaches to find new perspectives on cancer drug resistance by disentangling the dynamics of resistance on single cell level.

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PhD, Postdoctoral researcher

Matías is a MSCA postdoctoral fellow interested in the analysis of copy-number aberrations in scRNAseq data and its implications in moduling the tumor's trancriptome as well as the response to chemotherapy in HGSOC.

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PhD student

My research interest is utilizing CRISPR/Cas9 based genome editing or gene perturbation and single-cell RNA sequencing to test the function of specific genes on cancer initiation, metastasis, target treatment and chemoresistance.

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Undergraduate student

Masters student

Anna focuses on analyzing scRNA-seq data of high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) patient samples and their normal counterpart samples from fallopian tube epithelium. The projects involve the identification of cell states and characterization of their dynamical relationships within normal and cancer cells. Her interests are in tumor evolution and drug resistance.

MSc, Lab Manager

Anastasiya Chernenko is the lab manager, technician and study nurse. She keeps Vähärautio Lab safe, clean, organized, equipped and smoothly running. 


Erasmus student

Xanthoula Karypidou is an Erasmus Trainee Student with an Integrated Master in Biological Applications and Technologies and a Master Degree in Oncology. She is collaborating with Jun Dai, who is showing her several experimental processes, such as CRISPR/Cas9.


Anna Perkiö, undergraduate student

Erdogan Pekcan Erkan, postdoctoral researcher: now in Toni Seppälä lab

Marika Lassila, undergraduate student

Sohrab Saraei, undergraduate student: now Bioinformatics Software Developer in Blueprint Genetics