ONCOSYS Symposium 2021

program | ONCOSYS Symposium 2021

Place: Luontokeskus Haltia (Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo)
Time: 12.11.2021
Registration: The registration is closed. If you have any questions, please send them to karen.ahlnas@helsinki.fi 

9.15                    Bus leaves from Biomedicum to Haltia (Call Karen if you can't find it +358 50 472 8052)

10.00-10.15     Morning coffee/tea with a salty bun (2nd floor)
10.15-12.00     Common program – gather at the coffee table (PI’s in meeting room Saivo in P-floor)


12.00-13.00     Lunch (Ravintolasali 2nd floor)   

First session (Haltia-sali, entrance from 1st and 2nd floors)
Chair: Sampsa Hautaniemi

13.00-13.05     Welcoming words by Sampsa
13.05-13.45     Presentations (Carpén, Lundin, Rannikko)
14.00-14.45     Presentations (Mirtti, Lassila, Tang)


15.00-15.15     Group photo gather at the coffee table (2nd floor)
15.15-15.45     Coffee break with sweet bun (Otso and Tarvas P-floor)

Time for posters in rooms Otso and Tarvas (P-floor) or time to view the exhibition on the first floor

Second session (Haltia-sali, entrance from 1st and 2nd floors)
Chair: Jing Tang

15.45-16.30     Presentations (Hautaniemi, Vähärautio, Kauppi)
16.45-17.15     Presentations (Mäkitie, Färkkilä)
17.15-17.45     Special session - My story


Poster session (Otso and Tarvas P-floor)

17.45-19.00     Posters with sparkling wine (Rooms Otso and Tarvas, P-floor)
18.45                  Announcing the winners of the three best posters. The winners will then present their work to everyone (á 2 min).

Dinner (Ravintolakabinetti Boassu 2nd floor)

19.00-21.30     Dinner
22.00                  Bus leaves back to Biomedicum




POSTERS ONCOSYS Symposium 2021


Place: Luontokeskus Haltia (Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo)
Room: Otso and Tarvo, P-floor
Time: 12.11.2021 17.45-19.00

Announcing the winners starts at 18.45 followed immediately by the winners’ presentations (á 2min)


1. Title: ReSisTrace: Studying Primed Resistance in Cancer via Lineage Tracing of Sister Cells
Presenters: Jun Dai and Shuyu Zheng                         

2. Title: Two-step experimental design to reduce bias in dose-response fitting
Presenters: Alina Malyutina and Diogo Dias                                      

3. Title: In vivo and In vitro dynamics of LINE-1 retrotransposition activity in high-grade serous ovarian cancerPresenters: Barun Pradhan and Fatih Genc                                      

4. Title: Optimized detection of allelic imbalances specific for homologous recombination deficiency improves the prediction of clinical outcomes in cancer
Presenter: Fernando Perez Villatoro                           

5. Title: Single-cell tumor-immune microenvironment of BRCA1/2 mutated high-grade serous ovarian cancer
Presenter: Inga-Maria Launonen                                 

6. Title: Tumor-Associated Trypsin Inhibitor (TATI) as a Marker of Poor Prognosis in HPV-positive and HPV-negative Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Presenter: Anni Sjöblom                        

7. Title: Functional homologous recombination assay predicts patient outcome in ovarian cancer
Presenter: Sanna Pikkusaari                                       

8. Title: Building a comprehensive drug-target knowledge base using biomedical text mining 
Presenter: Jehad Aldahdooh                                       

9. Title: Comprehensive Analysis and Comparison of Multi-Parametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging Visible and Invisible Prostate Cancers 
Presenter: Tuomas Mirtti                       

10. Title: Panoptic Segmentation of Cervical Whole Slide Images 
Presenter: Oskari Lehtonen                                         

11. Title: Mutational landscape shaped by replication errors – from intestinal stem cell to mature epithelial cell Presenter: Elli Aska                                

12. Title: Exploring evolution of clonal diversity in High-Grade Serous Cancer
Presenters: Alexandra Lahtinen ja Kari Lavikka                                

13. Title: Facilitating the design of combination therapy in cancer using multipartite network models: Emphasis on acute myeloid leukemia
Presenter: Mehdi Mirzaie                      

14. Title: NIMAA: an R/CRAN package to perform nominal data mining analysis
Presenter: Cheng Chen                         

15. Title: Predicting Drug Mechanism-of-Actions Using Consensus Sensitivity Signatures
Presenter: Wenyu Wang                        

16. Title: DrugComb and SynergyFinder Plus: towards better harmonisation, interpretation, and annotation of drug combination screening data 
Presenter: Shuyu Zheng                        

17. Title: Building a comprehensive drug-target knowledge base using biomedical text mining
Presenter: Jehad Aldahdooh                                       

18. Title: Effect of imputation on classification of clinical data
Presenter: Tolou Shadbahr                                         

19. Title: COVID-19 adenovirus vaccine triggers antibodies against PF4 complexes to activate complement and platelets
Presenters: Annukka Jouppila and Riitta Lassila             

20. Title: A Novel Dual AntiPlatelet and AntiCoagulant APAC: Interaction between Platelet Factor 4 (PF4) and APAC Decreases Functional Activity 
Presenters: Annukka Jouppila and Riitta Lassila