Monitoring of Finnish Nature event

18–19 November 2021

REC FEO event pic1

REC director Anna-Liisa Laine. Photo: Heidi Blom

REC, in cooperation with the Finnish Ecosystem Observatory (FEO), organized a two-day event (in Finnish).

During the workshop, researchers from the REC research team presented the broader perspective that emerged from monitoring different species groups. What can we learn from combining different observations?

On Friday the 19th, a panel session with the Finnish Environment Minister Emma Kari took place at the Science Corner (Helsinki). The topic was "Monitoring Finland's nature - how to monitor, compile and take into account living capital?".


Forum for Environmental Information event

4 December 2020

REC YTF event pic1

Panel session at the event. Photo from YouTube

REC and the Forum for Environmental Information organised an event open to everyone (in Finnish) in December 2020, presenting recent research about drastic changes in Finnish nature. The significance of the research results and the use of the information were discussed together with the Minister of the Environment Krista Mikkonen, decision-makers and practitioners.


For the love of nature

14 February 2019

REC For the love of nature poster pic2

Panel discussion. Photo from UniTube

Information about the past is stored in long-term data collected from nature, and the Big Data era constantly provides us with new information on current changes. Recent methodological developments including remote sensing and social media can complement time-series data to help truly understand how and why biodiversity is changing.

The event included a panel discussion with scientists, industry and policymakers to tackle key questions such as: What is ecology, where can we see it and why should we care? What ecological information is needed to support decision making and sustainable bioeconomy? Can computer simulations replace long-term data as funding levels are declining? We invited the audience to pose critical questions as well!