Mondays at 14:00, A431.


17.01. Valtteri Lasonen: Area-selective etching of polymers for self-aligned patterning

24.01. Tony Tiainen: Responsive Polyelectrolyte and Nanodiamond Hybrid Materials

07.02. Judith Eubel: Development and characterisation of GelMA-POzi-b-POx hybrid bioinks for 3D-bioprinting

28.02. Zeynab Mirzaei (JC): Poly-2-methyl-2-oxazoline–modified bioprosthetic heart valve leaflets

07.03. Teaching break week

14.03. Larissa Kessler: Preparation and analysis of amorphous solid dispersions comprising a new excipient and indomethacin

21.03. Muhammad Waqas Ali: Controlled Star Polyoxazolines from plurihalogen Initiators: Synthesis, Characterization and Application + JC: Bifunctional Initiators as Tools to Track Chain Transfer during the CROP of 2-Oxazolines

28.03. Anna-Lena Ziegler: Amphiphilic block copolymers for drug delivery

04.04. Florian Kaps: Introducing electron-deficient alkynes as a chain-end functionality of poly(2-oxazine)s

11.04. Lando Polzin: NMR-measurements of thermoresponsive polymers

25.04. Linda Salminen: Composites from polymerizable ionic liquids
Dr. Oleg Borisov: Molecular (bottle)brushes: solutions, gels and self-assembly

2.5. Valtteri Oksanen&Atte Saunamäki: Tuneable N-Substituted Polyamides with High Biomass Content via Ugi 4 Component Polymerization

9.5. Elise Komarczuk: NMR investigations of Polyoxazoline-Indomethacin formulations in biorelevant media

16.5. Josef Kehrein: Molecular modeling of polymer-based therapeutics

30.5. Tamara Piock: Synthesis and characterization of amphiphilic ABA triblock copolymers comprising an aromatic hydrophobic block for the formulation of proteins