Mondays at 14:00, remotely via Zoom.
Those wishing to join outside the group, contact Sami Hietala beforehand by email.

04.01. Moonika Kinnunen: Drug-loaded hydrogels for ophthalmic applications

18.01. Stefan Förster: Investigation of the adjustability of dispersity of living nucleophilic ring-opening polymerisation of (N-substituted) N-carboxyanhydrides).

01.02. Jochen Löblein:  Journal club (= presentation on article of choice): Nanoengineered Osteoinductive Bioink for 3D Bioprinting Bone Tissue

08.02. Lukas Hahn: Thermoresponsive Hydrogels: Characterization and Application

15.02. Dr. Iskander Gussenov: Enhanced Oil Recovery: Polymer Gels for Permeability Reduction in Fractures

22.02. Dr. Muhammad Waqas Ali: Synthesis and characterization of different topological forms of poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline)

01.03. Mira Rupp: Solar energy conversion: Photocatalytic hydrogen evolution using ruthenium(II) 2,4-di(pyridin-2-yl)-pyrimidine complexes as photosensitizers

08.03. Chen Hu: 3D Printing of Biocompatible Shape-Memory Double Network Hydrogels (journal club)

22.03. Robin Bissert: Influence of external stimuli on terpyridine-iron(II)-complexes

29.03. Vikram Baddam: Thermoresponsive behavior and self-assembly of cationic block copolymers

12.04. Satu Häkkinen: Functional graft copolymers: use as lubricants and colloids, and new synthetic methodologies

3.5. Linda Salminen: Composites from polymerizable ionic liquids

17.05. Tony Tiainen: CO2 Capture via Modified Poly(aminoethylmethacrylates)