Research collaboration

We value opportunities for collaboration. Read more about the research networks and collaborative projects of our group.  
  • CryoEM-based structural studies of potato virus A virus particles and particle-like structures: Prof. Kristina Gruden National Institue of Biology (Ljubljana, Slovenia)  and Assoc.Prof. Marjetka Pobodnik National Institute of Chemistry (Ljubljana, Slovenia)   
  • Host-virus crosstalk (Arabidopsis thaliana-TuMV pathosystem): Dr. Aiming Wang Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (London, Canada). 
  • ​ Proteome projects: Dr Markku Varjosalo Protein Chemistry Laboratory - Institute of Biotechnology (University of Helsinki, Finland) 
  • Bilateral project on plant viruses as enzyme nanocarriers: Dr. T. Michon  INRAE (Bordaux, France) 
  • Bilateral project on plant biotechnology / plant virology: Prof. H. S. Savithri IISc (Bangalore, India)  
  • Project on potyvirus as a gene vector: Prof. J. Valkonen Department of Agricultural Sciences (University of Helsinki, Finland) 
  • Project on heterologous production of industrially important proteins in barley: Drs. Anneli Ritala and Anna-Liisa Nuutinen VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (Espoo, Finland) 
  • Additional research collaborations which have resulted into joint publications: Prof. U. Sonnewald (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Germany), Prof. M.Taliansky and Prof. L. Torrance (The James Hutton Institute, Scotland), Dr. V. Uversky (University of South-Florida, USA).