Plant Phenomics Team

Attiq ur Rehman has been working as a Research Assistant in Plant Phenomics group while a masters student at Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Plant Breeding (emPLANT). He has a background in plant biology and breeding and now also in high-throughput plant phenotyping at NaPPI. Current affiliation LUKE, Piikkiö, Finland. 

Mirko Pavicic has been a PhD student in the Plant Phenomics team since 2013. During this time he has made a significant contribution to the research on RING type ubiquitin E3 ligases with recent publications (Pavicic et al., 2017, Frontiers in Plant Science; Pavicic et al., 2019 PCTOC). He has also participated in the development of the Finnish National Plant Phenotyping Infra NaPPI by optimizing the experimental design and statistical analysis of the time course imaging data for growth and morphology. His dissertation will be an important reference to the future users of the facility.

See Mirko Pavicic's PhD Abstract on e-thesis website

At the moment, Mirco Pavcic is a Post-doctoral researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, USA

Feng Wang has PhD in the field of Plant Biotechnology at the Department of Plant Systems Biology, VIB (Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie), in Ghent University, Belgium. In his PhD work Dr. Feng Wang has done ground breaking work to characterize the complete 17 gene TETRASPANIN gene family of Arabidopsis. This work was based on comprehensive analysis at the molecular level using bioinformatic sequence analysis (Wang et al., 2012), gene expression profiling in plants and in silico (Wang et al., 2015b) and proteomic work that is presented in the dissertation (Wang et al., 2015a). Since a complete gene family has been characterized the authors have been invited to assign a functional annotation for the gene family in the TAIR database where Arabidopsis genomic information is made available for the global plant research network:

See Feng Wang's profile in the research database TUHAT.