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We work on controlled drug release and delivery using modern methods and materials. We are studying bio- and nanomaterials such as liposomes and cellulose nanofibers, the use of new tools to track drug molecules and carriers, and tailored materials for pharmaceutical applications. We are particularly interested in using light to both monitor nanomaterial behaviour and to trigger e.g. drug release processes. We work in close collaboration with the Supramolecular chemistry of bio- and nanomaterials group at Tampere University, as well as research groups in University of Eastern Finland and Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences.
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Researchers @ENS_TampereUni discovered how to bend azobenzenes indirectly with red light. The approach enables low……

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Celebrating the First of May and the first official day of the ERC project, PADRE! #vappu #ERC

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Timo Laaksonen speech

(In Finnish) Farmaseuttisen nanoteknologian professori Timo Laaksonen kertoo, miten tutkimus parantaa lääkkeiden tehoa ja kohdennusta.

Viikki campus intro

The multidisciplinary Viikki Campus is located in the geographical centre of Helsinki. Characteristic to the area are broad fields and the bay of Vanhankaupunginlahti, which is a popular outdoor recreational are for the citizens. The Viikki Campus is the home base for four university faculties and several independent units operating in the field of life sciences... and cows.

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The University of Helsinki is an innovative centre of science and thinking. As a multidisciplinary university, we solve challenges that affect us all. We passionately believe that with the power of thought we can change attitudes, people and society – for the world.