Enabling a next-generation of sustainable transformations with designer nanoparticles

We are headed to developing nanomaterials capable of overcoming current challenges in nanocatalysis and plasmonics. We target facile solution-phase approaches to metal based nanostructures containing Ag, Au, Pd and/or Pt displaying well-defined and controllable sizes, shape, structure (solid vs. hollow) and composition/surface distribution for applications in nanocatalysis and plasmonic photocatalysis. As the properties of a nanostructure are related to these parameters, their control offers a unique opportunity to maximize/optimize performance in terms of activity (substrate conversion) and selectivity. We have open positions for postdoctoral researchers and graduate students! Please contact Prof. Pedro Camargo at pedro.camargo@helsinki.fi for more information.
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Watch Prof. Pedro Camargo explain the research of the group. Subtitles in English are available.