First steps in biosphere-atmosphere modelling


Course front picture

The course aims to provide basic education on the most important biological, chemical and physical mechanisms in atmospheric science and how to implement these processes numerically in atmospheric models with the main target to educate the "Next Generation of Atmospheric Modellers".

In this course you will not run any existing model or analyse data from a model but you will get a basic and detailed knowledge on how to write an atmospheric model from scratch. During the course, everyone will program his or her own 1-dimensional atmospheric boundary layer model with equations of flow for the atmospheric boundary layer, chemical kinetics by systems of differential equations, emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) from vegetation, deposition of gases and aerosols and numerical solutions for aerosol formation and growth. The model will be coded in Fortran 95.

During the last years we have organized the course six times at different places and below you can find some pictures from the earlier courses and the anonymously collected feedbacks from the studends from the last 4 courses.