Atmospheric Modelling Group


AMG is a sub-group within the Multi-Scale Modelling Group at the Institute For Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR).

AMG focuses on small- to regional scale models and collaborates with several institutions around the world in the application and further development of the computational codes.

Photo: Back row from left: Lukas Pichelstorfer, Metin Baykara, Michael Boy, Putian Zhou; Middle row: Carlton Xavier; Front row from left: Dean Chen, Benjamin Foreback, Petri Clusius


The focus of the Atmosphere Modelling Group is to increase our process-based understanding of hydrological, physical, meteorological and chemical mechanisms in the lower part of the troposphere. This includes the emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOC) from different ecosystems with a special focus on boreal region, their vertical and horizontal distribution and their chemical reaction paths. Further the group investigates the formation and growth of secondary organic aerosols (SOA) inside the planetary boundary layer (PBL) and tries to improve our understanding of in- and below cloud formation and activation mechanisms, which is still far away from complete. We aim at finding process parameterizations that can be subsequently applied in climate predictions and reduce significant uncertainties therein.

The AMG organizes the intensive courses, "First Steps in Biosphere-Atmosphere Modelling"

These courses aim to provide basic education on the most important biological, chemical and physical mechanisms in atmospheric science and how to implement these processes numerically in atmospheric models with the main target to educate the "Next Generation of Atmospheric Modellers".

Information about former courses are avaialbe here.