I am a microbiology student (BSc) and work as an intern in MEB group (Antibiotic resistance in Agriculture). 



minna.x.maunula at helsinki.fi

tel. +358-2941 59295

I am a microbiology student (MSc) and I work as research assistant in Artic Microbial Ecology group.


aino.rutanen at helsinki.fi

tel +358-2941 59295


PhD student in Arctic microbial ecology group

I started my PhD thesis entitled "Functions and activity of soil microbial communities in the changing Arctic" in September 2019. 

email: sirja.viitamaki@helsinki.fi

LinkedIn: Sirja Viitamäki

Master's student in Marko Virta's group

As a Master Thesis worker, during the spring 2019, I will study antimicrobial resistance in samples of human origin. More specifically, I will focus on the differences of their genotypic and phenotypic expressions. 

E-mail: melina.markkanen@helsinki.fi


Phone: +358 40 7371693

I am a MSc student in Marko Virta's group. I am currently doing my MSc thesis about antimicrobial resistance genes in West Africa.

email: anniina.sarekoski at helsinki.fi