The Gut Day

Biomedicum 1


The seminar aims to bring together Finnish researchers who are active in human microbiome research, related fields of medicine, nutrition, immunology etc. 

We encourage you to contribute to the program via posters and afternoon short talks. All posters will be accepted. 

 The next Gut Day will be organized in 2021. We will announce the date later.

You may forward this information to colleagues who may not yet be on the Gut Day mailing list which covers RPU staff and everyone who has attended the seminar in previous years. The seminar is free of charge and includes coffee, lunch is on everyone's own expense.

Organizers: Prof. Willem M. de Vos and Dr. Anne Salonen, University of Helsinki


  1. Tine Rask Licht, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, DK: Settlers of our inner surface: Factors influencing bacterial colonization of the infant gut
  2. Nicola Segata, University of Trento, IT: Exploring the hidden diversity and transmission patterns of the human gut microbiome
  3. Norbert Sprenger, Nestle Research, CH: The role of milk oligosaccharides for early life microbiota and health
  4. Willem de Vos, University of Helsinki, FI: Towards microbiome-based
  5. Perttu Lahtinen, University of Helsinki/ Päijät-Häme Central Hospital, FI: Randomised clinical trial: Faecal microbiota transplantation versus autologous placebo administered via colonoscopy in irritable bowel syndrome
  6. Aki Ronkainen, University of Helsinki, FI: Fecal Microbiota Transplantation - from Treatment to Discovery
  7. Anna Aatsinki, University of Turku, FinnBrain Birth Cohort Study, FI:
    Interrelations between early life exposures, gut microbiota and brain development
  8. Matti Ruuskanen, University of Turku, FI: Connection between gut microbiome and fatty liver in a population sample of 6269 individuals
  9. Oliver Aasmets, University of Tartu, Institute of Genomics, EE: Host-microbiome interactions in Type 2 diabetes
  10. Eveliina Munukka, University of Turku, FI: Turku Microbiome Biobank