• is a support network for mitochondrial scientists
  • offers interaction and collaboration opportunities for starting investigators
  • aims at promoting      
    - awareness of mitochondrial research by public lectures
    - the success of its member groups by joint research projects, publications and funding, and by technical and scientific support.

biannual meetings at participating universities combined with public mini-symposia

Henna Tyynismaa, University of Helsinki
Eric Dufour, University of Tampere
Jaakko Pohjoismäki, University of Eastern Finland
Steffi Goffart, University of Eastern Finland
Jukka Kallijärvi, Folkhälsan Research Center
Alexander Kastaniotis, University of Oulu
Reetta Hinttala, University of Oulu
Riikka Martikainen, University of Eastern Finland
Eija Pirinen, University of Helsinki
Sjoerd Wanrooij, Umea University
Cory Dunn, University of Helsinki
Uwe Richter, University of Helsinki

Tampere, Nov 12-13, 2012
Joensuu, May 30-31, 2013
Turku, December 11-12, 2013
Helsinki, April 14-15, 2014
Oulu, November 18-19, 2014
Tartu, April 20-21, 2015
Helsinki, October 5-8, 2015 (together with Japanese network)
Stockholm, May 26-27, 2016
Kuopio, November 14-15, 2016
Tampere, April 2-3, 2017
Joensuu, November 6-7, 2017
Stockholm, May 24-25, 2018
Helsinki, February 14-15, 2019
Oulu, November 4-5, 2019

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  • Torregrosa-Muñumer R, Forslund JME, Goffart S, Pfeiffer S, Stojkovič G, Carvalho G, Al-Furoukh N,  Blanco L, Wanrooij S, Pohjoismäki JLO: PrimPol is required for replication reinitiation after mtDNA damage. PNAS, in press.