Lab members

HT group 2018


Group leader:

Henna Tyynismaa PhD, Associate Professor

Stem Cells and Metabolism Research Program
Haartmaninkatu 8
Room C525b
00014 University of Helsinki

tel. +358504486394 
tel. +358 2941 5654
henna.tyynismaa [at]


Associated clinical researchers: 

Emil Ylikallio MD PhD, Docent, Clinical Academy Researcher
emil.ylikallio [at]

Mari Auranen MD PhD, Docent
mari.auranen [at]


Group members:

Tiina Rasila PhD, Postdoc
tiina.rasila [at]

Rubén Torregrosa PhD, Postdoc
ruben.torregrosa [at]

Jouni Kvist PhD, Bioinformatician
jouni.kvist [at]

Jayasimman Rajendran PhD, Postdoc
jayasimman.rajendran [at]

Riitta Lehtinen Laboratory manager
riitta.h.lehtinen [at]

Jana Pennonen MSc, Laboratory analyst
jana.pennonen [at]

Nirajan Neupane MSc, PhD student
nirajan.neupane [at]

Markus Sainio MSc, PhD student  (DPBM)
markus.sainio [at]

Sandra Harjuhaahto MSc, PhD student
sandra.harjuhaahto [at]

Pooja Manjunath MSc, PhD student
pooja.manjunath [at]

Julius Järvilehto MD PhD student
julius.jarvilehto [at]

Julius Rönkkö MSc, PhD student (DPBM)
julius.ronkko [at]

Sebastian Kenvin MD PhD student
sebastian.kenvin [at]

Yago Rodriguez Carreras Research assistant
yago.rodriguezcarreras [at]

Volter Lukander MSc student
volter.lukander [at]



PhD theses

Rosa Woldegebriel, Identification and role of MCM3AP disease gene in neurological disease spectrum and its neuronal modelling, 2021 (opponent Prof. Marina Kennerson, University of Sydney and ANZAC Research Institute)

Taru Hilander, Molecular Consequences of Transfer-RNA Charging Defects, 2017 (opponent Dr. Anthony Antonellis, University of Michigan Medical School)