Seminars and Workshops 2021


Wednesday, June the 2nd at 14 via Zoom
Raphaël Chétrite (Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis) 
"Homogeneization of Markovian process and application to quantum trajectories", (Video recording)

Friday, May the 28th at 15:15 via Zoom (Quantum Science & Technology seminar series)
Päivi  Törmä  (Aalto University) 
"New perspectives on quantum geometry, superconductivity and Bose-Einstein condensation", (Video recording)

Wednesday, May the 26th at 14 via Zoom
Ludovic Bellon (ENS, Lyon) 
"Fast is hot: energetics of information erasure and the overhead to Landauer’s bound at low dissipation", (Abstract, video recording)

Wednesday, May the 19th at 15 via Zoom
Francesco Borra (University of Rome) 
"Optimal collision avoidance in swarms of active Brownian particles", (Abstract, video recording)

Tuesday, May the 18th at 10 via Zoom (Joint seminar with AtMath & Bio-Math)
Eugenia Franco (University of Helsinki) 
"Self-similar solutions to coagulation equations with a source", (Abstract)

Wednesday, May the 12th at 15 via Zoom
Paolo Facchi (University of Bari) 
"KAM-stability for conserved quantities in quantum systems", (Video recording)

Friday, May the 7th at 15:15 via Zoom (Quantum Science & Technology seminar series)
Ville Kotovirta  (VTT) 
"Towards quantum algorithms for real-world problems", (Video recording)

Wednesday, April the 28st at 15 via Zoom
Dariusz Chruściński (Nicolaus Copernicus University) 
"On the universal constraints for relaxation rates for quantum dynamical semigroup", (Abstract, Video recording)

Wednesday, April the 21st at 15 via Zoom
Bassano Vacchini  (University of Milan) 
"On the connection between memory effects and information exchange between system and environment", (Video recording)

Wednesday, April the 14th at 14 via Zoom
Jyrki Piilo  (University of Turku) 
"Quantum jumps and rate operators in open quantum system dynamics"

Friday, March the 26th at 15:15 via Zoom (Quantum Science & Technology seminar series)
Matteo Cherchi  (VTT) 
"Attojoule cryogenic communication", (video recording)

Wednesday, March the 24th at 15 via Zoom
Giacomo Gradenigo (Gran Sasso Science Institute) 
"Localization transition in the Discrete Non-Linear Schrödinger Equation:
ensembles inequivalence and negative temperatures
", (Abstract, video recording)

Wednesday, March the 17th at 15 via Zoom
Antoine Tilloy (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics) 
"Variational method in relativistic quantum field theory", (Abstract, video recording)

Friday, March the 5th at 15:15 via Zoom (Quantum Science & Technology seminar series)
Jukka K. Nurminen  (University of Helsinki) 
"Quantum software engineering", (Abstract, video recording)

Wednesday, February the 17th at 15 via Zoom
Erik Aurell  (KTH -- Royal Institute of Technology) 
"Hawking radiation and the quantum marginal problem", (Abstract, video recording)

Wednesday, February the 10th at 16 via Zoom
Bernhard Mehlig (University of Gothenburg ) 
"Machine learning with neural networks", (Abstract, video recording)

Friday, January the 29th at 15 via Zoom (Quantum Science & Technology seminar series)
Matti Lassas  (University of Helsinki) 
"Inverse problems and quantum science", (Abstract, video recording)

Wednesday, January the 20th at 15 via Zoom
Alberto Imparato  (Aarhus University) 
"Quantum thermodynamically consistent local master equations", (Abstract, video recording)