MARISK focuses on maritime, fisheries and marine environmental risk governance and communication.

MARISK's motivation for research:

Complex problems and systemic risks:

  • Cross boundaries between the environment, society and human health, and between nations and sectors
  • Both factual and socio- cultural dimensions
  • Judgments depend on perspective and context
  • Require combining scientific evidence with stakeholder views

MARISK's research interests and topics:

  • Safety culture
  • Stakeholder perspectives to risks
  • Quality and usability of models (evaluation of the “quality in use” of risk assessment/management models)
  • Develop approaches/methods for risk communication
  • Maritime and fisheries policies
  • Social and organizational learning
  • Social and environmental justice analysis 
  • Analysis of socio-cultural values
  • Normative and explorative scenarios

MARISK's methodological expertise for risk governance:

  • Qualitative and quantitative social science methods for data collection and analysis (interview, survey, focus group...)
  • Stakeholder analysis (map & classify stakeholders)
  • Stakeholder engagement activities
  • Participatory modelling
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and interdisciplinarity as such
  • Bayesian networks
  • Futures research