University Lecturer, PhD, Adjunct Professor

Sirpa Kokko - Research portal Tuhat - University of Helsinki

Sirpa Kokko works as a University Lecturer at the University of Helsinki, Department of Education. Her main duties are teacher training in craft teacher education: lecturing in pedagogy of crafts to student teachers, supervising teacher training, supervising PhD students as well as Bachelor and Master’s theses. She has long experience of Finnish craft education at different levels of education; primary, secondary, class teacher and craft teacher education. In addition to working experience in Development cooperation in Africa, she has been involved in teacher and research cooperation with several European art and craft universities. After finishing her PhD thesis in 2007 about gendered processes of upbringing and education related to crafts, he has conducted research on current developments of craft education. Her recent research interests concern cultural heritage of crafts and the possibilities of craft pedagogy to support wellbeing. She was a project coordinator and manager of an international Erasmus+ project “Handmade Wellbeing” (2015–2017).

University Lecturer, PhD

Jaana Kärnä-Behm - Research portal Tuhat - University of Helsinki

Jaana Kärnä-Behm (Ph.D.) is University Lecturer of Craft Studies at the Faculty of Educational sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland. In previously mentioned institution, she has taught the areas of dwelling and interior design as well as design and the making of interior textiles over ten years. She also supervises Bachelor and Master´s thesis as well as PhD students. Her research focuses on topics mentioned above as well as craft as cultural expression, especially in the context of Cultural Studies. She received her doctoral dissertation on Education in the University of Helsinki in 2005. In her dissertation, she investigated representations of craft and craftsmanship in daily newspapers. Recently, her research interest has focused on experiential learning and user-centred design methods in interior design, especially in higher education.

University Lecturer, PhD, Docent, Principal investigator

Riikka Räisänen - Research portal Tuhat - University of Helsinki

Riikka Räisänen works as a University Lecturer at the University of Helsinki. Her main teaching areas are textile materials, textile technology and testing, dyeing and colourants as well as sustainable textiles and consumption. She has strong experience in guiding doctor’s, master’s and bachelor thesis.  Räisänen finished her PhD degree in Craft Science in 2002. Her topic was about fungal anthraquinone colourants as textile dyes in which she combined textiles and organic chemistry. Räisänen’s research interests focus on natural colourants, ecological textiles and consumption as well as collaborative and problem based working. Räisänen has a background in textile technology, natural sciences and education. In October 2016 Räisänen was awarded with a silver medal by the Society of Dyers and Colourists for “prolonged valuable contributions in the fields of natural dyes and the Society´s publications”.

PhD Student

Jenni Suomela - Research portal Tuhat - University of Helsinki

Jenni Suomela graduated as MA (education) from University of Helsinki in 2015. In her thesis Identification Methods for Nettle Fibre, she studied ethnographic museum textiles, that were made of bast fibres. Her aim was to identify the bast fibre materials. As a result of the study, she compiled an identification manual of nettle fibre for conservators and textile researchers to utilise.

Currently, she is working on her doctoral dissertation concerning bast fibres used in northern Europe. The research material has extended to include, in addition to ethnographic textiles, also archaeological finds. Emphasis is on developing reliable methods for bast fibre identification by using modern scientific methods.