Membrane dynamics

Lipid membranes are the building blocks of cellular compartments and carrier vesicles. The dynamic life of Eukaryotic cells relies on the constant flux and remodelling of membranes, a process regulated by the interplay of thousands of proteins. Using a combination of genetic screenining technologies and advanced imaging techniques, we are particularly intrested on Endocytosis, a process by which cells can internalize portions of their plasma membrane and extracellular components, including nutrients, signaling molecules but also toxins and microbes. Different mechanism of endocytosis have been described and each of them is devoted to the uptake of selected molecules. Viruses have leaned how to use these entry portals to penetrate into their target cells. Following the internalization process of different viruses, we discover new regulators of endocytosis, which can become targets for novel antiviral therapies aimed at blocking virus entry into their host.