15/Aug/21: Paper published in Journal of Vision
Our paper "Uncertainty is maintained and used in working memory", a collaboration with Aspen Yoo (University of California, Berkeley) and Wei Ji Ma (Center for Neural Science & Department of Psychology, NYU) has been published in the Journal of Vision.

12/May/21: International Brain Laboratory career panel
Luigi participated at the IBL career panel to provide advice and discuss the behind-the-scenes with early-career researchers.

1/Apr/21: Talk at the Kavli Institute for System Neuroscience
Luigi gave a talk to Yasser Roudi's group at the Kavli Institute for System Neuroscience (NTNU, Norway).

25/Feb/21: HiData/FCAI Webinar
Luigi gave a talk at the New Frontiers in Neuroscience webinar organized by HiData and FCAI.

23/Feb/21: Talk at Aalto University
Luigi presented the lab's work at Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) as part of the Brain & Mind Computational Seminar series.

19/Jan/21: Talk at Brown University
Luigi gave a talk at Brown University (RI, USA) as part of the Center for Computational Brain Science Seminars Series.


9-10/Dec/20: Presentations at NeurIPS 2020
We had two papers presented at the main conference at NeurIPS 2020. Luigi presented Variational Bayesian Monte Carlo with Noisy Likelihoods, while our collaborator Nisheet presented Dynamic allocation of limited memory resources in reinforcement learning.

30/Nov/20: Edge AI SIG Webinar
Luigi will talk about machine intelligence under resource constraints at a webinar organized by the FCAI Special Interest Group (SIG) on Edge AI.

26/Nov/20: Talk at AI Day 2020
Luigi presented the group's work at an accepted talk at the AI Day 2020 organized by FCAI.

16/Nov/20: FCAI news story about us
The FCAI website features a news story about our group's research.

11/Nov/20: Hello world!
The Machine and Human Intelligence group website is officially online!

30/Oct/20: Two papers accepted at PLoS Computational Biology
This week, two papers from our group were accepted for publication in PLoS Computational Biology!
The first paper, "The Role of Sensory Uncertainty in Simple Contour Integration" is a collaboration with Yanli Zhou (Center for Data Science, NYU) and Wei Ji Ma (Center for Neural Science & Department of Psychology, NYU). The second paper, "Unbiased and Efficient Log-Likelihood Estimation with Inverse Binomial Sampling" is a collaboration with Bas van Opheusden (Department of Psychology, Princeton University) and Wei Ji again. See our Publications page for more information.

20/Oct/20: Talk at Chalmers University and University of Gothenburg
Luigi gave a talk at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg (Sweden) as part of the Statistics seminar series.

16/Oct/20: Friday coffee seminar at the Department of Computer Science
Luigi gave an overview of the work of the group at the Friday coffee seminar of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Helsinki.

21/Sep/20: It begins, with an FCAI coffee seminar
Luigi joins the faculty of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki and starts the Machine and Human Intelligence group. On the same day, he gave a talk at the FCAI machine learning coffee seminar (available on YouTube).