July 2020

Anu visits Orce, Spain to delve in to first human occupation sites together with Oriol Oms, Mikael Fortelius and Juha Saarinen etc.

June 2020

Tuomas Junna graduates, congrats! His master's thesis on soil ferromanganese nodules can be found here

March 2020

Mahito Watabe visits the Department of Geosciences and Geography and provides his expertise in preparing the reclaimed treasures from the 2019 Mongolian field trip.

January 2020

Anu and Katja visited China to install dust traps to collect modern eolian dust.

November and December 2019

Ferhat goes for field work in Africa. Joonas visits the IsoPaleoLab second time to continue the analyses begun on February.

August and September 2019

Anu, Ferhat and Joonas travel to western Mongolia together with Mahito Watabe to study Neogene fossil localities.

June and July 2019

Joonas visits Prof. Zhang Zhaoqun and the IVPP in Beijing, China.

April 2019

Joonas participates EGU General Assembly in Vienna, Austria.

February and March 2019

Joonas visits the Isotopologue Paleosciences Laboratory (IsoPaleoLab) at the University of Michigan, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and carries out novel reseach on tooth enamel triple oxygen isotopes under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Benjamin Passey.

October 2018 - The NOW database meeting

The NOW database ( ) meeting “NOW and the future of the past” in Bratislava

September 2018 - LoessFest 2018

Anu visits as a plenary speaker in the LoessFest meeting in Volgograd.

August 2018 - Fieldwork in Iran and China

Anu goes to fieldwork on late Miocene deposits and fossil mammal localities in Lorestan and Maragheh, Iran. Joonas works with Oligocene deposits and fossil mammal locality in Ulantatal, Inner Mongolia.

July 2018 - Fieldwork in Spain

Anu participates fieldwork in the Orce region in the Guadix-Baza Basin (Granada, Andalusia, southern Spain)

June 2018 - Grant from the Academy of Finland

Anu has been granted a 4-year project funding by the Academy of Finland “Tracing the winds – Releasing the potential of the East Asian dust record of environmental change”

May 2018 - Fieldwork in China

Anu and Yuan are fieldworking in the Nihewan Basin, China, together with prof. Zhang Zhaoqun from the Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP).

January 2018 - Doctoral dissertation accepted

On 19 January Yuan defended her doctoral dissertation titled as Provenance and sedimentology of Red Clay and loess in northern China which was examined by docent Thomas Stevens from Uppsala University, Sweden.

January 2018 - 33rd Nordic Geological Winter Meeting

Anu, Yuan and Joonas participated the Nordic Geological Winter Meeting 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and presented their recent research.

October 2017 - Visiting fellow at the IGGL

Joonas received a visiting fellowship from the Ivar Giæver Geomagnetic Laboratory (IGGL), and is visiting IGGL in Oslo on October. 

August and September 2017 - Fieldwork in China and Iran

On August and the beginning of September 2017 Joonas travels to Ulantatal for field working. Anu is fieldworking in Iran on September.

July 2017 - International Conference on Rock Magnetism 2017

On July 2017 Joonas participates the International Conference on Rock Magnetism at Fort Hoofddijk, Utrecht University.

May 2017 - A trip to the Netherlands

On May 2017 Yuan and Anu visit the Netherlands to work with the collaborators at VU University Amsterdam.

April 2017 - Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall

During the spring and summer 2017, Anu is visiting the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge as a Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall.

February 2017 - Grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation

On February 2017 Anu receives a grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation for the field research on late Miocene hominoid-bearing bone beds in Maragheh, NW Iran.