Facilities and equipment

Our laser spectroscopy lab is located at the Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki, where we share the lab space with the Molecular Spectroscopy and Theoretical Chemistry Group of Prof. Lauri Halonen. Our laboratories are fully equipped for experimental research of high-resolution molecular spectroscopy. Below you can find a list of our major research instruments.

Virtual lab tour (360 video)

NT-MDT NTEGRA Raman/AFM/TERS microscope users: If you are familiar with the instrument and have used it before, please use Open IRIS to reserve instrument time (instructions below). If you are interested in getting access as a new user, please contact Markku Vainio (see Contact page).


Optical Frequency Comb (OFC) generators

  • Fully stabilized mode-locked Er-fiber comb (Menlo Systems FC1500-250-WG with M-NIR and P250 PM PULSE EDFA extensions. GPS-referenced)
  • High-power (10 W) mode-locked Yb-fiber laser (Menlo Systems Orange-Comb-250 + HIGH POWER 10)
  • Fully stabilized mid-infrared OFC that operates in the ~ 3 µm molecular fingerprint region. Built by our team, based on synch-pumped femtosecond OPO; see   Opt. Express 25, 4190 (2017)
  • High-power (> 0.5 W) fully stabilized mid-infrared comb that operates in the ~ 3 µm molecular fingerprint region. Fully developed and built by our team, based on simple CW-seeded optical parametric generation. APL Photonics 6, 026103 (2021)

CW laser instruments

  • Several high-power (0.5 to 5 W), narrow-linewidth (< 1MHz) CW-OPOs that operate in the ~ 3 µm molecular fingerprint region. Developed and built by our team; see e.g. Opt. Express 16, 11141 (2008), Appl. Opt. 50, A1-A10 (2011), Opt. Express 18, 14087 (2010)
  • Widely tunable external-cavity diode laser, 1.5 µm region; (Toptica DLC CTL 1550)
  • Widely tunable external-cavity diode laser, 1.5 µm region; (New Focus Velocity 6328)
  • Widely tunable CW Ti:sapphire laser (MBR-PS) pumped by Coherent Verdi V18
  • Narrow-linewidth 1064 nm fiber lasers and DFB diode lasers
  • High-power (15 to 20 W) CW Yb-fiber amplifiers (IPG YAR-X-1064-LP-SF)
  • Quantum cascade lasers

Spectroscopy and microscopy instrumentation

  • High-resolution FTIR spectrometer (Bruker IFS 120HR)
  • NT-MDT NTEGRA Spectra II – AFM-Raman-TERS microscope (with 532 nm and 633 nm lasers)
  • Optical spectrum analyzers and wavelength meters (ANDO AQ6315E, Bristol Instruments 771B-MIR, EXFO WA-1500-NIR/IR-89)
  • Cantilever-enhanced PAS cells (Gasera PA201/301), cavity-ring-down spectrometers and multipass cells