Anna Solin, PhD

Senior lecturer, docent in discourse studies

Anna Solin is the director of the project. She is responsible for collecting data on practices of language regulation in university administration.

To read more about Anna's research profile and publications, go to: Anna Solin's TUHAT page.


Niina Hynninen, PhD

Senior lecturer, postdoctoral researcher

Niina Hynninen's focus in the LaRA project is on the regulation of English-medium research writing by scholars in different disciplines.

To read more about Niina's research profile and publications, go to: Niina Hynninen's TUHAT page.


Hanna-Mari Pienimäki, MA

Doctoral student

Hanna-Mari Pienimäki's doctoral dissertation will be part of the LaRA project. Her research focuses on how language professionals use and regulate language in an academic environment.

To read more about Hanna-Mari's activities, go to: Hanna-Mari Pienimäki's TUHAT page.


Aleksandra Nyholm, BA

Master's student

Aleksandra Nyholm works as a research assistant for the LaRA project.